Tupperware Tuesday: Not Just Lunch

** Tupperware Tuesday, a real look at the food I make each week. No fancy cameras, no lightbox contraption, no perfect angles. Just what’s for lunch.

OK, I know. Bringing breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I should just blow up an air mattress and sleep here! Srsly.

Last week, I attempted to do Whole 30, but failed miserably due to poor planning. When you’ve lived your whole life in non-compliance, it’s hard to turn that around in one day. But that’s my problem, I guess. I commit to things too easily and without much thought.

So instead of Whole 30, I browsed the internet for Paleo-friendly meals…

2014-07-15 12.41.48 1
Breakfast: Sweet Potato, Apple and Pancetta Bacon Hash (Whole 30 approved!)

Lunch: Zoodles with Meatballs

I finally broke out my Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer. Yes, it’s been 10 months… This baby is seriously the best thing EVER! SO easy to use. SO easy to clean. And the best part is, I don’t even miss REAL pasta!

Dinner: Pork Loin and Butternut Squash Stew

OK, I know the stew looks like shit, but let me assure you, it is delicious! And it tasted better the next day after reheating. This pretty much applies to all stews. It’s basically science (and good eats!). Alton Brown said so.

Another Try

I don’t consider myself a picky eater, but there are certain foods I will not eat.

Celery. Cilantro. Peas.
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

And for the longest time, avocados were the list. Why? I’m really not sure. I just… didn’t like them!

Call it a maturing palate, reevaluation of life, whatever, but in this past year, I seem to have forgotten my dislike of avocados. I ordered a salad with avocado. Not bad. I ate poke with avocado. Pretty good. Now I’m adding avocados to breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Love!

Unlike celery and cilantro, avocados don’t have a strong flavor; they won’t overpower a dish, ever. The creamy texture provides a richness that is a perfect substitute for butter and mayo. I guess you can say the same for peas, but I’m not ready for that yet. Baby steps…

2014-07-12 12.27.34 1My usual Saturday mornings… avocado toast, Stumptown cold coffee brew, and reading

Back in the Kitchen

Since I’m not driving to LA every weekend, I have time to cook. Like real food, guys!

I’m still cooking for the week, but it’s so much easier now cooking for one instead of two. And THANK GOD for the dishwasher! The one downside is my tiny kitchen, but hey, I’m used to having no counter space.

Here are some meals I’ve made in the past few weeks:

2014-06-24_05-05-04Chicken Marsala

2014-06-24_05-15-01Enchilada Chicken Stew

2014-06-24_05-21-34Country Style Pork Ribs

2014-06-24_05-28-12Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Polenta, Nectarines, Collard Greens, Balsamic Reduction (inspired by a friend from college)


It was 1996.
Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned.
Mad Cow Disease hit Britain.
I started watching hockey.

I turned on the TV one day and hockey happened to be on. Normally I would have changed the channel, but for some reason I felt compelled to keep watching.

It was Kings vs. Avalanche. The game was fast-paced. The scoring went back and forth. The Kings won in OT! I was hooked!

And though the Kings didn’t make the playoffs that year, I became a fan. Two months later, I watched the Avs raise the Cup and wondered when I would see the Kings do so. Little did I know that it would take 16 years and a revolving door of goaltenders…



The highlight of those years, a memory that I often replayed in my head, was when Adam Deadmarsh eliminated the Red Wings in OT.

It was that memory that I recalled after Jarret Stoll scored the OT goal against the Canucks in 2012. Instead of losing Game 7 of the next round, the Kings went on to win the Stanley freakin’ Cup! In historic fashion no less!

Two seasons later, the Kings are champs again, making even more history this time around!

Two championships.
My team.
The Kings.

Is this real life?


Yes. Yes it is.



Blow by blow
Honest in every way I know
You appear
To face a decision I know you fear

And if I recover
Will you be my comfort?
Or it can be over
Or we can just leave it here
So pick any number
Choose any color
I’ve got the answer
Open the envelope

I’ll give you one more chance
To say we can change or part ways
And you take what you need
And you don’t need me

I’ll give you one more chance
To say we can change our old ways
And you take what you need
And you know you don’t need me

And you know you don’t need me

An Open Letter To Her


Dear Nancy Wong,
It’s been less than a month since I found out about you and Henry so the wound is still very much fresh. I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions that I can’t seem to get off of. Sad, mad, happy and back ’round again. I’ve spent many sleepless nights wondering how he could throw away 7 years as if it meant absolutely nothing. All for a 21 year old, someone 12 years younger. Someone who is still in school, who hasn’t even experienced the real world and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Was I not good enough?
What’s wrong with me?

Well, actually nothing. I’ve come to realize that it’s not me. It’s him. He wasn’t good enough for me and he knew it. It was too much of a burden for him to know that he would never meet my expectations. So he chose you because you had none.

Thank you. Thank you for showing me that I deserve better. Thank you for teaching me to love myself.

You are so young and naive, just like I was when I met him. In a few years, when he’s past 35, still without a career and living with his parents, I hope you think of me. I hope you realize sooner than I did what you’re worth.


Bang Bang

So many firsts today!


First time at a shooting range
First time shooting a rifle
First time using real bullets

I’ve shot a revolver before, but it was with wax bullets and we were doing trick shots. That was my first time ever shooting a gun and I had no idea what I was doing. It was purely beginners luck that I was able to hit any targets at all! Like a card thrown in the air…


Actually aiming and hitting targets today was much more gratifying. The sound of the bullet hitting the metal target was like music to my ears!


Initially, I was hesitant to shoot because I was afraid of the recoil, but it wasn’t bad at all. I had to sit down and shoot though because I just didn’t have the strength or steadiness to shoot standing up. I’m so weak!

Henry has been wanting to get a gun for quite some time and now I understand why. So much FUNSIES!


I’m definitely looking forward to going back to shoot again. But geeez, such an expensive hobby…