Chapagetti + Neoguri = Chapaguri


This is really a thing. Seriously!

I already love Neoguri. It’s been a favorite of mine since college. That and Shin Ramyun Black. Add egg, obviously. I’ve never had Chapagetti though, but I love jjajamyun so I would assume that I would love Chapagetti by itself as well. Chapagetti and Neoguri combined is basically spicy jjajamyun. Genius, right? And delicious, of course!

Music of the Moment

June Edition.

Scavenger Mixtape – Covers ’81-’97  THIS ONE IS SOOOOO GOOD

Børns – The Emotion

Golden Ears – Falling For The Evening

Yeah Boy – Wildfire

Oh Wonder – Landslide

MAJIK – Closer

Parade of Lights – Feeling Electric

BANNERS – Start A Riot

The New Division – Copycat