For The Love Of Matcha

Addiction is real.

During this sweater weather there have been days when I just crave a matcha latte. And when I say days, I mean like 5. In a row. Basically a week. Help.

A grande matcha with soy is $4.85 at Starbucks. That’s $33.95 a week. $146 a month. $1,770 a year. Holy shit! I can’t be about this life!

So I decided to look for an alternative. All of my extensive internet research led me to one mind blowing realization… I can just make my own matcha latte!

I proceeded to purchase everything I need to turn myself into a part time barista:


I followed these steps for green tea preparation (+honey). And added frothed up soy milk.



Even though I can really only do this on the weekends, I can have an unlimited amount. Treat yo’self, amiright?