the list

My original post was published on March 9, 2012. I will be actively updating this page for items I’ve completed and new additions.

1. Climb Mt. Rainier


2. Obtain PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification

3. Scuba dive around the world

a. Great Barrier Reef
b. Belize
c. Fiji

4. Learn to surf

5. See the Northern Lights

6. Snowboard around the world

a. Mammoth & Northern California
b. Colorado
c. Utah 2012 Trip: Day 2, Day 3-4, Day 5-6, Day 7
d. Washington
e. Oregon
f. BC, Canada
g. Wyoming
h. Japan
i. New Zealand
j. Argentina

7. Heli-boarding

8. CAT-boarding

9. Perfect riding switch

10. Land a jump.. with rotation

11. Make a snowboarding video

12. Learn to ski

13. Learn to play ice hockey Hockey Workshop #1

14. Live in a treehouse


15. Sky dive

a. Hawaii
b. Interlaken, Switzerland

16. Dog sled

17. Complete avalanche training, level 1 & 2

18. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

19. Hike Half Dome

20. Zip-line

21. Explore each province of Canada

a. Ontario Toronto
b. Quebec Montreal, Mont Tremblant
c. Alberta Calgary/Banff

22. NYE Countdown in NYC


23. Explore Europe

a. Hike Cinque Terre
b. Bike through Tuscany
c. Dine at Michelin star restaurants
d. Indulge at Laduree and Pierre Herme
e. Visit Stonehenge
f. Take a gondola ride in Venice
g. Take a Seine River cruise
h. Tour Palace of Versailles and castles in Loire Valley
i. Eat gelato in Italy

24. Take a Mediterranean cruise

25. Tour Ancient Egyptian sites and cruise down the Nile River

26. Journey to Machu Picchu

27. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge


28. Train and compete in a triathlon (sprint)

29. Ride an elephant in Thailand

30. Feed/pet a panda in China

31. Walk the Great Wall of China and toboggan down

32. Experience Tsukiji Market and eat at Sushi Dai

33. Run…

a. 5K
b. Half marathon
c. Marathon


34. Get a CPA license

35. Catch a concert at the Hollywood Bowl


Depeche Mode 10/18/17

36. THIS

37. Kayak the Colorado River

38. Sydney Harbour bridge climb

39. Host and cook multi-course dinner party

40. Raft class IV rapids


41. Paddleboard

42. Fire a gun at a shooting range

43. Collect Starbucks mugs from every place I visit (10 cups so far)

44. Swim with sharks (shark cage) 


45. Swim with dolphins

46. Take my parents to watch the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Eve concert

47. Watch the sunrise at Haleakala


48. Relax in an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora

49. Finish reading Anna Karenina

50. Start and finish a 365 photography project

That’s it for now, but I’ll definitely be adding to this list. I’m looking forward to crossing things off in the near future! 😀


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