Different Year, Same Result

Welp, here we are again.

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Game 4: Section 114, Row 17, 10-11

So, with a bounce in OT of game 6, it was over. The Kings’ season came to an end as Joe Thornton batted a loose puck past Quick, into the net. Deeming the bounce “lucky” didn’t make the outcome any easier to accept.

This series was as much of a roller-coaster as regular season: The Kings had an extraordinary start, lost focus and derailed way off course, but managed to battle their way back. Sure, the season was far from a bust, but to say that it was great would be a flawed assessment. There were flashes of brilliance, but when the season is cut short, you can’t help but focus on all of the mistakes that were made along the way. Looking back, I’m sure the fans as well as the Kings would agree….
They could’ve done better (if Kopi wasn’t injured)
Would’ve done better (had they solved their PP woes)
Should’ve done better (by sticking to the system and playing solid defense, CONSISTENTLY)

2010-2011 Season
MVP: Willie Mitchell. YES, despite missing games due to injury, he was a huge factor for us improving our PK% from 20th to 4th this year. Great pick up by Lombardi last off season.
LVP: Matt Greene. His untimely penalties during the playoffs really cost us.
Player I was most impressed with: Cliffy. I LOVE this kid. He works hard on every shift and he’s always down to beat some ass. And how about his playoff performance? Being a top scorer in your first playoff series is definitely something to be proud of. Martinez was a close second.
Best goal: I have 3. 1) Kopi’s long pass to Brownie (vs. Sharks). 2) William’s spin move (vs. Bolts). 3) Zus scoring in the last 30-something seconds (vs. Stars)
Favorite game attended: 1/27 vs. Sharks. I love me some shootouts.
What I’ll miss the most: Spending my nights with Bob Miller and Foxy. And seeing Doughty skate to Quick first after a win, ya know.
What I’m most excited about next season: Penner having a rebound year and the possibility of Schenn joining the roster. And although the rumors about Parise are interesting, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Until next season!


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