Season Opener

How did we celebrate 11/11/11?


By taking a day trip to Mammoth for opening weekend! Yes, we actually thought it was a good idea until it was time to drive back and everybody wanted to just knock the effff out.

Mammoth Mountain, 11/11/11
Conditions: Snow with low visibility, fresh powder, early season terrain

I have a love/hate relationship with snowboarding during snow storms. While I love cruising through fresh powder, the low visibility usually kills the fun for me. I know my goggle lens is definitely too dark for these conditions, but I used Henry’s for a bit, which has a higher VLT, and I still couldn’t see shit!

So now that I’ve experienced a day trip to Mammoth, I’ll probably never do it again. I didn’t even do any of the driving and I felt physically exhausted. Oh well, I’m planning at least one weekend trip to Mammoth every month… can’t let our season passes go to waste!

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