A lot has happened this year and I’ve done a terrible job at documenting so here are the highlights by month to help me remember 2022.


5 months pregnant.



6 months pregnant.

We went to Oahu for our babymoon. I initially intended for this trip to be just about eating and relaxing, but I couldn’t help myself and ended up adding in some physical activity last minute. We rented a kayak and headed to Kaneohe Sandbar. Unfortunately, we were not aware of the tide at the time and the water was about knee deep. Still, it was a cool experience and I felt a sense of accomplishment for not only being able to kayak there, because let’s be honest, I did most of the paddling in our tandem kayak (as usual), but also that I still had the strength to help lift said kayak on top of the car for transport.

view from our room at hyatt regency
kaneohe sandbar
maguro bros xl chirashi combo + uni + scallops vs sushi sho bara chirashi
ginza bairin: kurobuta pork loin curry rice
ginza bairin: “specialty” kurobuta pork loin katsu. amazing.


7 months pregnant.

My friends threw me a hatchlorette in Santa Barbara. It was the most perfect weekend full of laughs, late night conversations, and great food, including a very special cooking class with Pascale Beale from Pascale’s Kitchen.

table setting for our cooking class dinner
fruits of our labor: main course + side
fruits of our labor: dessert


8 months pregnant.

We had our “a baby is brewing” themed baby shower at Smog City Brewery. We are so very grateful for all the love and support from our family and friends. It was nice seeing everyone before baby girl arrived.




A was born on 5/21/22 at 11:24PM. She measured 20.9 inches and weighed 7 lbs.

Cheddar’s birthday was on 5/18 and we had bought a cake for him, intending to celebrate that weekend, but he had to wait since baby girl came early!

meeting for the first time
happy 2nd birthday to my handsome fluffy boy!


Not living close to our parents meant that we didn’t have much help so I was very grateful that CT took a month off. We got into our groove and settled into our respective roles, so much so that when CT went back to work and I was with A all by myself, I kind of freaked out because I hadn’t changed a single diaper at all at that point… I was like, um, how do I do this???

We did manage to get ba noi to babysit a few hours so that we could go on a date night to celebrate CT’s birthday.

izakaya osen: ankimo uni caviar
izakaya osen: chicken skin and liver
izakaya osen: sushi omakase


Continuing my maternity leave and experiencing something new with my baby girl every day. We were super lucky that she was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks.

loved watching her wake-up stretch
baby girl getting comfy while breastfeeding


Continuing my maternity leave and working on more tummy time with A.

We also were able to have a day date at Kogane. Thanks again, ba noi!

best friends (not really)
lunch omakase


Before I went back to work, we took A on her first trip to Maui. Man, traveling with a child is no joke, but we survived!

sunset at haleakala. parenting fail: i did not pack her the appropriate clothes for this activity
baby girl at baby beach


I went back to work at the beginning of the month and A started daycare. Grateful that CT does drop off and pick up, saving me from being an emotional wreck.

first day at daycare
we took our elmo trick or treating. yes, we stole her candy.
jewelry box from sushi i-naba for my birthday


Firsts for A: first food was 🥑, first teeth (2 front bottom chompers)

We also took a weekend trip down to San Diego with Cheddar!

all i want for christmas is my two front teeth
Hotel del Coronado loves pets!


Additional firsts for A: first performance on stage, first snow, can sit without assistance!

holiday performance with daycare’s infant class
our little snow angel
sitting milestone ✔️

And with that, on to the new year! I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us!


I Left My Heart In Seattle

For b‘s vacation before lactation (credit: g), I suggested Seattle. I could not think of a better place for a quick girls getaway. Thankfully, my suggestion was warmly welcomed! I was so so so exited to show them why I loved Seattle so much. And in true kc fashion, I detailed planned our trip, by the hour, in an excel spreadsheet. That’s how I do.

b had a few requests, which were happily obliged:

  • Sushi Kashiba (at sushi bar)
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass
  • Hike

We arrived in Seattle late Wed night and tried to make it to Toulouse Petit for a late night snack. Unfortunately, they had already made their last call for food so we walked down the street to Mecca Cafe. We legit demolished their corned beef hash and chicken fried steak. When it’s 1am, you’re super hungry, and you find yourself in Lower Queen Anne, head to Mecca!

After our first pig out of the trip, we headed to Gas Works Park, my favorite spot to see the Seattle skyline, especially at night.


absolutely gorgeous

By the time we checked into our AirBnB in the Fremont neighborhood, it was almost 3am! We settled in right away and knocked out. The cozy, affordable studio was just perfect for the three of us. I would highly recommend and would definitely stay there again.

We started the next day with coffee at a local coffee shop before heading to the Fremont Troll. Yes, it’s touristy, but it’s just something you have to see!


selfie inception game strong

After the troll, we stopped by Paseo for some sandwiches. Paseo has always been my top recommendation for anyone vising Seattle. The prawn and scallop sammies were so freakin’ delicious! In the days leading up to the trip, I craved them. I dreamt about them. There might have been some drooling involved. But when I actually got my hands on the sandwiches, I was disappointed. The prawn was overly salty. Almost to the point where I didn’t want to finish it. There was also less meat than I remembered. I thought Paseo was pretty generous before, but this time around, I got more lettuce and sauteed onions than anything else. Hopefully this was just an off day…

To work off our lunch, we rented kayaks and paddled out to Lake Union. I absolutely love water sports so this is one of my favorite activities in Seattle.



One of b‘s requests was to eat at the sushi bar of Sushi Kashiba. Reservations aren’t offered for the sushi bar so in order to secure a seat, I booked a reservation at 5:00pm, right when the restaurant opens. But being natural laggers and not accounting for the terrible parking sitch at Pike Place, we got there around 5:15pm and the sushi bar was already full. Luckily, we were told that the second seating for the sushi bar would start around 7pm so we had to option of either sitting at a regular table right away or waiting for the sushi bar. Of course we chose the latter.


I’ve never had omakase before and I’m so glad my first time was at Sushi Kashiba. The fish was so fresh, the selection and progression was perfect for my tastes, the service was outstanding, and to top everything off, this delicious meal + sake was only $120! What a steal!



The last piece was blue-fin collar, my favorite of the whole meal. Talk about saving the best for last!

We followed up an amazing dinner with an amazing sunset down at the waterfront.


The next day, we started with a quick visit to Snoqualmie Falls. It’s been 7 years or so since I last visited and there must have been some renovations because I remember the lookout point very differently.


We then proceeded to the highlight of our trip, an 8 mile hike, or in this case, more like strategic walking on jagged rocks.


If it wasn’t for the rocks, I would classify the hike as moderate



The view was definitely worth it. All the pain, the exhaustion, the hunger, the thirst. EVERYTHING. Our only regret was not starting sooner so we could play in the water.

By the time we started heading back to the trailhead, it was already late. We hauled ass so we could make it home in time to get ready for a night out. Our poor feet.


The promoter that g was talking to told us that we had to be at the club by 11pm, otherwise, there would be a really long wait. Well, we got there at 10:50pm (which btw we’ve probably never done, like ever) and it was COMPLETELY EMPTY. Not one single soul. So we just took a few shots and went to the lounge next door to drink some more.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It was so much more fun! One of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long while. Best part of the night? Witnessing a former male stripper twerk in a handstand. WOW.


my loves

The next day, we ended the trip with a visit to Chihuly Glass and Garden, as b requested. And of course, we couldn’t leave without indulging in oysters!


10 years ago, Seattle was just this mysterious place that was known to be rainy and depressing and the only significance it had was that he lived there. Seattle now has my heart for completely different reasons than it initially did, and I have all the wonderful memories from my numerous visits in the past 10 years to thank. From living in a treehouse to kayaking Lake Union to taking in the beauty of Mt. Rainier as I hit mile 10 of my first marathon, Seattle will always have a special place in my heart.