I eat: Gary Danko

Currently on Yelp, Gary Danko has an overall rating of 4.5 stars with 2075 reviews. And yes, it’s really THAT good.


Our first visit to Gary Danko was in August of 2008 and it’s been on top of our list of favorite restaurants ever since. Our second visit was just as wonderful. Everything was cooked to absolute perfection and I was reminded of how great Danko’s sauces are; the only reason we kept eating our bread was to dip into the sauces of each dish! At Gary Danko, you can either order the prix-fixe tasting menu, or you can create your own tasting menu consisting of 3 ($68), 4 ($85), or 5 courses ($102). Last time, we ordered 5 courses each and though a very enjoyable meal, we were overly stuffed. So, we learned from our past experience and ordered 4 courses each this time around.

I’m going to keep the words short and make this more of a picture post. I thought it would be interesting to show side by side pictures from both visits to Gary Danko (left = 1st time, right = 2nd)


IMG_5182 IMG_6932


IMG_5193 IMG_6942

IMG_5195 IMG_6947


Fish & Seafood:

IMG_5201 IMG_6951

IMG_5202 IMG_6956


Meat & Game Birds:

IMG_5207 IMG_6959

IMG_5208 IMG_6962


IMG_5210 IMG_6981

IMG_5211 IMG_6972

IMG_5214 IMG_6985

Verdict: 5/5
Gary Danko
800 North Point Street
San Francisco, CA 94109


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