Fair Isle

New York Islanders @ Los Angeles Kings

[Source: AP, Mark Terrill]

Ok, ok so despite a fairly decent start, losing the last 9 games doesn’t exactly make the New York Islanders a benchmark team, but I’ll take the two points, thank you very much. The game actually turned out to be much more exciting to watch than I expected!

11/13 Highlights:
– Kopi taking control of the game, scoring two goals in the 1st period
– Brownie’s beautiful penalty shot through the five hole

– Westie’s first fight
– Doughty’s first goal

It’s good to see the Kings play a full 60 minutes, even though it looked like they had the game in the bag after JW’s goal in the 2nd period made the game 3-1, Kings. These kinds of games are good for development; the 4th line gets more minutes than usual and TM likes to switch up the lines and test things out. As far as the line-up was concerned, I was a little surprised at first that TM put Quick was in goal, considering that we’re playing the Sharks tomorrow night. But now that I think about it, having Bernier in goal against the Sharks makes sense to me because
1) The more experience Bernier has against division/conference rivals, the better. We can’t depend solely on Quick for these games (especially since that’s basically the schedule from Feb on)
2) Quick needs a rest before a 4 game (Eastern Conference) road trip next week

GKG!!!!!! ♥


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